They have to prepare a fun party so they decide to put on a show that includes all the fun things they can imagine: riddles, rhymes, jokes, funny jokes... Quinn offers to be the presenter because she's so excited. She’s so excited that she cannot stop rehearsing her jokes and her friends cannot concentrate on finishing the party so they decide to give her a taste of her own medicine and as they have to try the jokes that they have prepared… they decide to give them to Quinn. They give her a cupcake with a worm on it, she sits on a bag of farts... from screaming a lot Quinn finally goes hoarse... Oh no, she won't be able to present! After trying many home remedies to cure her, Candy has an idea: she will create a magic microphone so that even if Quinn speaks softly, she can be heard from all over the room. In addition, the Bubiloons create an invention called if you laugh you lose, it is a pool of balloons with a chair as a trampoline with a laughmeter that when activated makes the child sitting on the chair fall into the pool. The kid will have to resist the challenge of not laughing throughout the show... will she succeed or will she fall into the pool?

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