1. What is Kitoons?


Kitoons is the new digital platform where you’ll find the favorite series of your kids, lots of incredible characters, magical adventures and the best toys to make these stories real.


Make way for endless fun on your computer, Smartphone, tablet or Smart TV.


2. How to use Kitoons?


It’s very easy!


Access Kitoons directly from the kitoons.com/en website and enjoy our content in the language of your choice.


Or download our app to your Smart TV, Smartphone or tablet through Apple Store or Google Play.


3. Can I access the videos, games or activities without Internet access?


No, you need to be connected to the Internet to access our content.


4. Can I still access the Kitoons content even if I’m traveling?

You can access with no problem, as long as you’re in the country where you purchased your subscription.

*If you access Kitoons in a different country, you can see the content available in that country.

5. I’m looking for a specific episode, why isn’t it available?

Some episodes may not be available temporarily for technical reasons. It’s also possible that the availability of certain contents is limited to specific dates or depends on the country where you are.


6. Is it necessary to register to see Kitoons?


It’s not necessary to create an account and register, but if you do, you can save your favorite Kitoons videos and create a wishlist of the products you like most (you or your child).