The Witch leaves a note in a bad handwriting for the girls where it says that they have to make a party for a one-year-old child… A baby! The Bubigirls are overwhelmed, they have never had a party for a baby, they need to adapt the shop to avoid dangerous things: they put pillows in all over the shop so that there is no danger and they also inform about what babies like and try to have it ready. In case of he starts to cry and they don’t know what to do, Nina creates a teddy bear that she has heard babies love it. The Bubiloons take care of doing a cot with balloons if baby is sleepy but when Nika sees the teddy bear she starts to distract and she ‘’falls in love with it’’. Finally, the kid turns out to be 7 years old (they misunderstood the Witch’s letter) and he hates babies’ party that they have prepared for him. When Nika sees there isn’t a baby she tries to take the teddy bear from Nina to keep it and she doesn’t want to give her so Nika grabs a pillow from the floor and she gives Nina with it. At that precise moment, Quinn lights up and shouts: Pillow fight! Now the Little boy is really happy with the party.

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