The Little Witch tells the girls that because they have worked so hard and learned so much these last few months they deserve a holiday. The Bubigirls, grateful, decide to organise one last party in honour of the Little Witch to thank her for everything they have learned from her, so they prepare everything she likes. While they think about what Amelie likes, they remember the moments that they have lived in the shop and they get nostalgic. To get all the elements of the party they will have to overcome "challenges" that will be put in their way where they will put in value everything that they have been learning. The Bubiloons also have their own challenge, they want to give a special gift to the Witch and they don't know what to do; thanks to Lil Pop they end up making a very cool gift with balloons. Finally they have a cool party where they say goodbye until the next season. Final scene: they leave with the car on holiday, the Witch, the Lil Pop and the Bubiloons say goodbye to them from the shop while the Bubigirls' song is playing from the car.

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