There’s a heat wave in B-city and the Bubigirls use their free time to make a surprise party to Batny. He is celebrating his birthday at Bubilab with his friends the Bubiloons when he hits his head on a ball and then he starts to get dizzy. The Bubiloons should take care of him while they try to guess what his favourite sweet is to tell Bubigirls to prepare it to him as a surprise. In the shop there are some opinions about what Batny’s favourite sweet is, so each one decides to prepare a different one: cupcakes, donut, cakes… When it’s time to party, everyone takes their sweets out to the garden but its melt/ruin without realising it because of the heat wave. Oh no, Batny will arrive and there will be no sweets for his birthday! Quinn, who had stayed away, has an idea: he’ll create an ice cream that won’t melt with 3 different tastes: one will be cupcake, second one will be donut and the top one will be a cake with candles! Batny, who is still dizzy, arrives at the shop and he is amazed with the Bubigirls’ surprise and, in adittion, the refreshing ice cream also makes him the dizzines go away instantly.

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