Coney loves Cryjuices so much that she drinks them all! So the Cry Babies Tutti Frutti invite the other babies to the Tasty Factory to make more juices in different flavours. Ella shows them everything that is done in the Factory. The Tutti Frutti babies’ juice is so yummy that the babies from the Valley cry of happiness when they get a taste, but this time there are no usual magic tears: they are Jellies! The babies from the Valley are so excited with the Jellies and their cuteness, but… Cry Babies Tutti Frutti explain that Jellies are forbidden in the Factory. They are really naughty and all get quite messy! Will the Cry Babies avoid the Jellies to escape to the Valley and disorganise the world? Don't miss this new episode of Cry Babies in English and find out the end of this magic story!

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