They have to organise a fashion show in the shop. The Bubiloons will be in charge of creating a very special catwalk with balloons and the Bubigirls will be in charge of decorating the shop to make it very fashionable. They also have to go and pick up the star dress of the collection because it has been left at the workshop on the other side of the city due to an unforeseen event. Greta volunteers and sets off for the workshop. On the way she meets different friends who ask her for favours and she helps them because she feels bad to say no, but, finally, because of helping others so much, she has no time to go and get the dress and comes back empty-handed. Once in the shop she explains what has happened and all her friends, whom she has been helping during the day, offer to help her create a dress for the model. They end up creating a super fun balloon dress with a very cool bag.

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