They have to organise a party for a kid who loves amusement parks but they cannot agree on which attraction to build in the shop. Each of the Bubigirls prepares a presentation for them to choose their attraction, even the Bubiloons present an idea, and then vote on which one is the best. Donna's idea is chosen: the spinning cups! Regi doesn't give up and he wants to make his attraction so he starts working with the help of the other Bubiloons on his proposal: a balloon catapult. When the time comes, the child sees the catapult and is amazed, so he runs to get on it, leaving the cup to one side. When he gets on it everything goes well until, due to a bit of wind, his trajectory is deflected and he ends up falling into the spinning cup, which is activated and starts to spin. The child is amazed, the combination of the two ideas turns out to be the best attraction in the world.

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